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I'm a 26 year-old genderqueer boycreature from Vermont. This Tumblr is devoted to connecting with my trans peers worldwide and also sharing my experience from beyond/between the gender binary. This is an ode to embodiments of intentional androgyny, permanent liminality, genderf*ck, chaos magic, and the subversion of oft-uncontested heteronormativity. Stay tuned and watch me sing myself into being... :) In addition to gender-related stuff, there may occasionally be content relating to spirituality/the occult, gaming, ecology, sci-fi, psytrance and other magickal things.

Sep 19

My gf and I want to make critical theory into a children’s book

The ability of such things to translate to cartoon format and still retain sense and meaning will be the ultimate test of their worth. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

I want to eventually be able to make my thesis, as well as dissertation, into children’s books. If I can’t then I won’t deserve my degrees. Not even joking.

  1. kellypope said: DO IT! sidenote: my prof for my art history course on deleuze just told our class that he has a book for his 17-month-old daughter that illustrates deleuze. there’s a drawing of a witch on a broomstick each time there’s the phrase “line of flight.”
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    I have a “derrida for beginners” comic book— it is so helpful sometimes!
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