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I'm a 26 year-old genderqueer boycreature from Vermont. This Tumblr is devoted to connecting with my trans peers worldwide and also sharing my experience from beyond/between the gender binary. This is an ode to embodiments of intentional androgyny, permanent liminality, genderf*ck, chaos magic, and the subversion of oft-uncontested heteronormativity. Stay tuned and watch me sing myself into being... :) In addition to gender-related stuff, there may occasionally be content relating to spirituality/the occult, gaming, ecology, sci-fi, psytrance and other magickal things.

Aug 23

Just did my first butt injection.

Lol, that sounds vaguely dirty. No, I just experimented by doing my injection into the gluteal muscle (right cheek, upper right quadrant, but well below the hip bone for those who are right-handed). It was great. I was worried that since I did it standing, there would be more pain because the muscle may be more flexed than if I was reclining or sitting. But the needle went in “like butter” without pain and there was only the slightest sensation of cramping when the last of the solution was going in - but I’ve experienced that in my thighs as well. I also found that doing the injection myself, (I had to twist my body around so I could see my butt-cheek) while standing gave me better leverage — the needle seemed to go in easier. This makes sense since it sort of had more of the entire weight of my arm and shoulder than when I sit down and do a thigh injection. In the latter case there ususally has to be more intention with the injecting motion, whereas when I injected it into the butt cheek just now I just sort of “let my arm fall” with the needle in my hand.

My girlfriend got to¬† help because when the needle was in, I couldn’t reach around with my left hand to steady the needle so I could pull back to check whether I hit a vein. She was nearby and was able to do the rest of the injection for me. Three cheers for her!!!

  1. imaginaryboi said: i wish i didn’t live alone because that lack of being able to reach around for the last part is the only thing that keeps me from switching from my thighs… my thighs are starting to not be so nice about it…
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